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Morning everyone - Grab a ☕ and let's go!

Hope you crushed it this week. I’m hijacking today’s email for a quick and important recap of the last week.

Our BIG interview that went live for a quick minute and was taken down is now back up again. Sorry for the delay, more on that later, but here’s the story...

A couple weeks ago, I sat down with Peter Grosskopf, the CEO of Sprott Inc. and one of the top players in the metals market.

Peter is among the biggest forces in natural resources, especially our favourite radioactive metal, as well as private placements investing.

In our conversation, we of course dove into the Sprott Uranium Physical Trust and the uranium market as a whole.

We also discussed Sprott’s new offering that got me very excited in the interview as you’ll see. Sprott recently launched the new Resource Exploration and Development Private Placements LP (RED PP Fund) that our readers will definitely be interested in.

The RED PP Fund provides access, research, and expertise which are all vital ingredients in the natural resources private placement market. You need to be accredited and THIS IS NOT INVESTMENT ADVICE, but it’s worth checking out. We’ll be providing much more info on the RED PP Fund in the near future. 

We posted the interview shortly after our original conversation, and it promptly got pulled. Turns out we'd talked about a couple juicy subjects that our lawyers didn't love.

A couple edits later, and the interview is now live. Trust us, this content is as fresh today as it was when we recorded. Everything we talk about remains very relevant.

>> Watch the video now

[3:32] Peter on the new Sprott Physical Uranium Trust and uranium's no-brainer investment thesis
[12:13] How Sprott's new RED PP LP aims to help investors get into private placements
[18:02] Why Peter thinks the precious metals market is stronger than ever

Next week, keep an eye out for my latest discussion with Gold Royalty Corp. (NYSE: GROY) CEO and former GoldCorp CEO David Garofalo.

As a driving force behind Goldcorp's $10 billion acquisition by Newmont, David is a top-tier name in precious metals. 

His latest venture, Gold Royalty Corp. (GROY), is one of the fastest-growing royalty companies, and yesterday announced the completion of a deal that expanded their portfolio even more. So be on the lookout for that next week.

A little primer on why we love the royalty model:

Why Royalty Companies Often Outperform Gold Miners

Though gold royalty companies often outpace their mining company counterparts, they're frequently overlooked. I'm hoping our big article from this week will remedy that.

[Read the article]

Never seen before!

Every week the PrivatePlacements.com team produces an internal report tracking the financings that went free-trading that week. It’s a great way of seeing who the winners are on a weekly basis. We also include the warrants to the mix too to see who the double winners are! Here’s a sneak peak of this week’s report. If you like it, let me know and we’ll keep sharing this on a week to week basis.

Take a look:

Interesting announced deals from the week:

1. Consolidated Uranium (TSX-V: CUR)

Gross Proceeds: $18 million (bought deal)
Sector: Uranium
Units issued: 6.79 million
Type: Special units
Price: $2.65
Warrants: Half; $4.00; Two years
Agents: Red Cloud Securities, Inc.
Use of Proceeds: Working capital

Consolidated Uranium closing this fairly large bought deal in the middle of a strong uranium market is definitely noteworthy. The company recently acquired two projects from Energy Fuels Ltd. (NYSE American: UUUU) in Utah and Colorado, entering it into the US uranium sector—no doubt this offering is timed to boost these efforts.

2. Critical Elements Lithium Corp. (TSX-V: CRE)

Gross Proceeds: $26.1 million (bought deal)
Sector: Lithium
Units issued: 14.91 million
Type: Special units
Price: $1.75
Warrants: Half; $2.50; Two years
Agents: Cantor Fitzgerald Canada Corp.
Use of Proceeds: Project development and working capital

While gold miners have see-sawed amid a lapsed bull run (one we don't think is yet over), lithium companies have been more consistently performing this year. 

Critical Elements' closed its latest private placement to fund the development of its Rose project in northern Quebec. The project has been pegged with an after-tax net present value of $726 million, and an expected lifetime of 17 years.

That's it for this week. Tell me what you want to see more of. We love hearing from our subscribers. 

Now get off your screen and go enjoy the weekend!


Arash Adnani

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